Sunday, November 06, 2005

Masters, Handlers, & Slaves

As I penned The Union Contract last week, I referred to the opinions of slave owner Edmund Ruffin (1791-1865) who described slavery as a compassionate means for saving lazy people from death and despair:

When… great loss fall upon slave-holding countries, it is not the laboring class that feels the first and heaviest infliction, but the masters and employers. If a slaveholding country… suffers…calamity, every slave is… assured of his customary food and other allowances, and of a master's care in sickness and infirmity, even though the master class… have but half the previously existing profits, or value of capital…

Ruffin believed that some people have no natural or physical wants… (and view) …labor as an evil greater than (an) uncertain future… and consequent death from want.

Hence, among any savage people, the introduction and establishment of domestic slavery is necessarily an improvement of the condition and wealth and well-being of the community in general, and also of the comfort of the enslaved class, if it had consisted of such persons as were lowest in the social scale – and is beneficial in every such case to the master class, and to the community in general.

As cynical as Ruffin’s ideas seem today, they are the blueprint of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) forty-year policy of handouts, entitlements, and affirmative action on the premise that blacks cannot survive without them. And like Ruffin’s three meals and a cot, the DNC demands nothing more than servitude and loyalty in return.

Masters, Handlers, & Slaves

Throughout the 19th Century, slave masters used whips, lynching, and torture to enforce loyalty among slaves. With the advent of political correctness, today’s MASTERS use more subtle forms of coercion to direct HANDLERS like the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and UAW to ensure that millions of laborers remain loyal to the DNC. Belligerent slaves are still dealt with.

Although millions of Americans inspire greatness and freedom from slavery, the DNC endorses hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Donna Brazile to perpetuate Edmund Ruffin’s mythology to keep the DNC Plantation strong and the slaves loyal. While free and courageous intellectuals like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Mason Weaver are vilified, the media ENFORCERS sit silently, daring US soldiers to say something insensitive to terrorists.


Until recently, the DNC has been able to control the information flow from the media to the public. With no other source for information, Americans were forced to unquestionably accept misinformation.

Although changes have occurred with talk radio, the Internet, and bloggers, school children are still subject to the forces of union teachers and university professors. Like the theocratic school teachers who preach hatred in the Middle East, union teachers impose a liberal curriculum that not only dumbs down our children, but instills the sense of hopelessness and despair necessary to fail. And when these kids do fail, union jobs are often waiting to exchange inflated wages for submission to handlers and loyalty to the DNC.

The cycle continues…