Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mayor's LAPDog Gives Truants Spring Break

We’re less than ten weeks away from the June primary. I’ve attended a week of meetings and conferences and plan to walk precincts this weekend.

Nothing much else to report – unless you think that truant children stopping freeway traffic is worth talking about.

Do we really need more evidence that our schools and left-wing politicians are out of control? The police are all but paralyzed since becoming the mayor’s LAPDog. As a retired LA cop, I’m as disgusted by Villaraigosa's exploitation of these delinquents as I am of the City Council’s slumber party. This leaves LAPD officers to baby sit these children. God help any officer who accidentally hurts the feelings of one of these rock-tossing wanna-be freedom fighters. If it were up to me, I’d have National Guardsmen bus these children to a tent city in Tonopah for cots, bread, and water until the Border Patrol releases them to their well-screened parents. Maybe a few nights in the rain with bread and water will instill a sense of learning and civic-mindedness in these children. But then, who’s gonna pick up our mayor and city council members from this desert encampment?

This is not to say that Congress has nothing to do with this stupidity. How many more laws to we need to make illegal immigration illegal? We don’t need more laws - we need leaders who aren’t afraid to enforce our laws. And if you or your friends were among those stuck in cars while waiting for police to sweep these dummified teenage-Ninja freedom-fighters from the freeway, you might remind your friends that LA’s liberal Democrats have had everything under control in Los Angeles for decades and that the liberals they vote for have something to do with what we now endure.

How much more punishment must the middle class take? Until we get tired of being abused by seat-swapping LA liberals and their union stooges, get ready to pay more taxes for even more fun-filled adventures. This summer’s gonna be HOT!

I've gotten some good feedback on my piece on school vouchers. Lots of information.

I will share some of that info at this evening’s LAUSD Governance Meeting at the Braude Center, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd (6:30 PM), where more liberals will decide which new captain will command the sinking barge we call LAUSD.

Well that was fun! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We have a city to save!