Thursday, June 01, 2006

American Federale

A friend asked me to drive him to the Social Security office in Van Nuys today. He has a back injury and suffers too much pain to stand or drive himself to the office.

He sat down while I stood in line. A racially mixed crowd sat across the room, while my friend sat alone on the other side. He placed his leg on an empty chair as his doctor suggested, careful not to offend those across the room.

My friend is white. After a few minutes, the Latino security guard approached and asked him to put his feet on the floor. We explained his injury the guard shrugged his shoulders and left.

After a few minutes, he returned.

I need to explain you something,” he said with an accent. “The other people think that because he is white he can put his feet on the chair.”

This would not have happened 30 years ago. But after Democrats made Los Angeles a sanctuary to illegal immigrants and after LA’s public school system graduated millions of uneducated half-wits, I was now tasked with explaining in grammar school English why someone’s bigotry was not my problem.

But as I glanced around the room at the Spanish language signs and brown faces, I accepted the futility of challenging this American Federale who relinquished his common sense to the dark-skinned bigotry that permeated this American government office.

Maybe I should have bribed him.