Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Defending the Semilla Academy

As you may have read previously, Annie took exception to my criticism on El Sereno’s Aztlan/MECHA madrassa – and she still defends it:
Oh, come on, Clark. We have the perfect target situation here. We have an immigration debate, which on conservative talk radio is HUGE.
This is not about immigration. Semilla is important not because of talk radio, but because of the profound double standard: If the LAUSD granted a charter to the Ku Klux Klan and, after five years, children graduated with little more than white-power pride, wouldn’t you be upset?
And then we have this little publically-funded (SIC) charter school, whose goal is to teach pride in one's hispanic culture and heritage in a dual-language environment, and its API score is in the toilet.
The API score is in the toilet because they focus on pride and not excellence. When my mixed-race children attended school, our objective was to give them the education and tools necessary to compete in life. Although they spoke Tamil in our home, they spoke English at school. They learned about their heritage at home and the three R’s at school. And because they gained a solid education, their pride was earned by default. Semilla proves that teaching pride and esteem does nothing more than graduate children who feel good about being intellectually crippled.
If it had a bulls-eye painted on its walls it couldn't be an easier target for the anti-illegal immigration brigade.
Let me get this straight: LAUSD grants a charter to incompetent racists who deliberately cripple Latino children, and you complain about the messenger's motives?
Why did those who questioned Semillias scores not also question the scores of the five other charter schools with equally dismal API's?
LAUSD’s failing schools is an old story. What sets Semilla apart from LAUSD's customary mediocrity is that 1) a reporter was threatened, assaulted and robbed while investigating the school, and 2) people like you enthusiastically defend a bigoted school that retards Latino children and victimizes reporters who report it.
It's all about ratings, Clark. And right now, pushing people's anti-immigration buttons builds ratings.
Ratings depend upon stories that resonate with listeners. Institutionalized bigotry that is directed at innocent children resonates with most reasonable people. If Err Amerika
and the mainstream media (MSM) had the courage to expose Semilla for the crippling madrassa it is, they probably would not be closing their doors and firing people. CB

Ex-liberal thanks Annie for her powerful defense.

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