Sunday, June 11, 2006

LAUSD's Reptilian Defense

As the controversy surrounding LAUSD’s Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School continues, many people still support this La Raza-funded Aztlan madrassa.

In our LAUSD Parent Group, Annie explained the attack on Academia Semillas was "rooted in racism tied to the immigration debate."


If you spend time in the Middle East, you’ll learn that every bad thing on the planet is tied to Israel and Jews. From stubbed toes and drought to broken light bulbs and cancer, Jews are the epithet that explains every Muslim anxiety.

Annie’s reliance of racism to explain outrage over a dysfunctional school is as primitive. Her response kills rational dialogue, for those who disagree not only risk wasting the time necessary to deprogram established superstitions for stupid people, but also the risk of predictable allegations of racism directed at themselves. Most people simply don’t have the time, courage, or energy necessary to challenge Annie’s bullying bigotry.

How long must we negotiate these bugaboos? Why must 21st Century Americans negotiate 14th Century black cats and sidewalk cracks? Why can’t we say that it’s criminal to expose children to the inculcated retardation of El Sereno’s Aztlan madrassa?

Academia Semillas has a 2005 base API of 597 with a 607 goal. If LAUSD’s Wonderland Elementary delivered those scores, parents would be morally justified to torch the school and lynch its administrators. And at LAUSD’s targeted improvement rate of ten points/year, El Sereno’s parents must wait 35 years to achieve Wonderland’s academic success.

Academia Semillas isn’t about demographics, but of the $18,431/year that LAUSD embezzles from children imprisoned in places like El Sereno. It’s not about the color of a child’s skin, but of the deliberate intellectual vandalism of their beautiful young minds.

Los Angeles has thousands of highly qualified educators. At $18,431/year per-student budget, Academia Semillas’ 250 children represents $4.6 million/year in tax revenues – more than enough to meet the special education, infrastructural, and operational needs of a successful school, while offering $100k+/year income/benefit packages for teachers and administrators who perform. And with local competition from other charter, private, and public schools, parents would have a selection of schools to choose from. Good schools would thrive while mediocrity would die as fast as D-rated restaurants.

Criticizing and closing D-rated restaurants is about vermin and salmonella, not racism. It’s time we grow up and stop making excuses for bad schools. It’s time to look at LAUSD and Academia Sinsemilla for the intentional failures that they are.