Friday, July 14, 2006

LAUSD: Kill Your Teacher

Rabbi Nachum Shifren (also known as the Surfing Rabbi) has penned Kill Your Teacher, a story that recounts his tenure as a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) teacher from 1991 (see bio). Despite his service in the Israeli Defense Forces and the Southern California’s dangerous riptides as an award-winning lifeguard, his most daunting battles pit him against LAUSD’s despotic rulers, inner city gangs, and institutionalized incompetence.

In less than 100 pages, Rabbi Shifren captures the unredeemable failure within LAUSD, describing the effects of intellectual rape upon millions of children at the hands of crime bosses who call themselves school administrators.

Unlike broader analyses of LAUSD’s failures, Rabbi Shifren shows us what it’s like in the front lines where school administrators defend illiteracy as a racial birthright, while destroying those who expose LAUSD for what it is – a sham, a criminal gang, a regime that destroys not with bombs, but with the expectation (they call it multiculturalism) that brown-skinned children are too stupid and lazy to achieve in public schools. Rabbi Shifren puts his life, career, and family on the line to make life better for all children.

As a career LA cop, I have investigated criminal gangs and countless felons. I know what a criminal enterprise looks like.

The LAUSD is a criminal enterprise worthy of Rico Act prosecution. For at least thirty years, LAUSD has extorted millions of dollars from union members and embezzled billions of tax dollars through front organizations and union bosses, to politicians who empower and protect the unions and bosses who feed them. This symbiosis drives the Tammany Hall of the 21st century.

LAUSD cannot be reformed from within or by politicians seduced by union dollars. It is a political growth that cannot merely be broken into smaller tumors. Until ALL funding is redirected to students in the form of vouchers, millions of American children will continued to be intellectually crippled by LAUSD, driving thousands of motivated young teachers away from public education.

LAUSD is the Kim Jong-il of public education. I urge every parent, aunt, and uncle to read Kill Your Teacher ($12.99).