Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jumping in with Both Feet

Its one thing to listen to talk radio, but quite another to sit in a studio surrounded by equipment and a large microphone pointed at your mouth.

As bumpy as my first show was, CopTalk (KRLA 870 AM) was a lot of fun – something I might get comfortable with. My producer told me not to get my expectations too high, saying, “Most new hosts wait months before they get their first call.” And so although I never expected that the lines would light up the moment that I mentioned my name, I set the low bar high and hoped to attract one caller before the show ended.

I was pleased to get not one, but two calls. Allen, from San Diego, called to say the ACLU was one of law enforcement’s biggest obstacles in serving our communities. I agreed and wanted to hear more, but my headset malfunctioned and I could no longer hear him – although he was still connected. Thinking he had hung up, I thanked him and hung up.

I knew the other caller, who happened to be one of CopTalk’s sponsors. He said that I'd broadcasted the wrong number for him!

I’m glad we’re friends. Its nice to know that Dennis Prager started at the same slot.