Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LAUSD's War Against JROTC

Aaron Hanscom has written a revealing article about LAUSD’s anti-American behavior against Roosevelt High School’s Junior ROTC members:

History teacher Martha Guerrero’s class is even worse. The 11th grader Flores, a master sergeant and JROTC flag detail commander, told The Times that Guerrero often directs hostile questions to him in class. These questions include, “Jesse, are you going to go to Iraq and die?” and “Why are you wearing a uniform? Aren’t you embarrassed?” Guerrero sees nothing wrong with her bullying. In fact, hostile questioning is a tactic endorsed by the anti-JROTC crusaders. CAMS approves of students asking JROTC teachers questions like, "What is the difference between murder and what our military is doing in Baghdad?" and "Why does the military use chemical weapons in Fallujah and torture people in prison camps?" In the warped minds of the LAUSD radicals, such questions aren’t even open for debate. As Guerrero told Sgt. Otto Harrington, the senior JROTC teacher at Roosevelt, “I just tell them things I know are right or wrong. I stand against war, against JROTC.”

Of course Guerrero, like many avowed pacifists, isn’t against all war. Although she often wears a “War is not the answer” t-shirt in class, she has a flag of Ernesto “Che” Guevara hanging in her classroom. Guerrero evidently misses the hypocrisy of an antiwar activist admiring a man who wanted to start a third world war in the name of Communism.
It is bad enough that LAUSD uses their $19 billion budget to cripple fifty percent of their students, but their anti-American behavior demands incarceration. America is at war, especially at home.