Saturday, November 10, 2007

LA Cops Nifonged by Former DA

This week, the City of Los Angeles continued to appeal the $15 million verdict awarded to three LAPD officers after LA’s former police chief and district attorney falsely charged them in the 1996 Rampart Scandal. (audio download)

Since 1980, LA’s politicians have crippled the LAPD by forcing some marginally competent (and some criminal) recruits into department ranks, under the pretext of diversity, to undermine the integrity of the LAPD. They did this because a crippled LAPD is less likely to find time to investigate the Mayor, City Council, or their shady friends (i.e., campaign contributors).

So when several of his criminal cops robbed banks, planted evidence, shot and framed innocent residents, LAPD Chief Bernard Parks’ convinced District Attorney Gil Garcetti to blame innocent cops as a public relations stunt – precisely what Mike Nifong was convicted of doing to Duke’s lacrosse players.

In his presentation to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Attorney Edward Horowitz did what he could for LA taxpayers, while plaintiff’s attorney Jeffrey Ehrlich cut to the chase:

“(Chief Parks and his subordinates) hounded the District Attorney to file charges. The Chief made his agenda clear:
"'We need to have a trial for public relations purposes…’ And when the DA said we’ll lose’ the Chief said it didn’t matter because the purpose of the trial wasn’t to gain a conviction - it was to make it appear to the public that the LAPD was (ridding itself of bad cops).”

Unlike most cops, I know what it’s like to be Nifonged by LA’s leftist political predators. Those cops deserve every penny of their $5 million verdict, and every American taxpayer should know their story and why it happened.

Kudos to Attorney Etan Lorant and his team. God bless the falsely accused LAPD officers, and may Bernard Parks, Warren Christopher, Mike Nifong, and their defenders reside in the hell they ALL so richly deserve.
Note: While Mike Nifong was convicted and stripped of his law license, Gil Garcetti recently headed LA’s Ethics Commission. Bernard Parks is a City Councilman.