Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Exercise in Futility

After posting these (1, 2) previous essays on the Democrat Party’s racist infamy, I received several more inquiries about their subatomic contributions toward civil rights. I hope to now answer those last questions.

While Democrats have changed their tactics, cosmetics, and geography since 1792, their perpetual expectation of black inferiority (and presumed racial superiority) remains the same today as it did in 1808 and 1908. A few quick examples:

  1. Democrats who insisted that blacks were too stupid to hire in 1908 now use affirmative action to compensate for that same presumed racial inferiority.
  2. Hate crime legislation implies that blacks who murder blacks deserve a lesser sentence than whites who (rarely) murder blacks.
  3. Democrats who think black mothers have the right to kill their unborn babies are too stupid to manage school vouchers.
  4. Democrats who support gun control presume that law-abiding blacks are too stupid, dangerous, and irresponsible to carry concealed firearms in crime-ridden cities where gang members regularly carry and use concealed firearms.
In 1808, blacks who sought freedom were beaten and murdered by Democrats, while Republicans established and operated the Underground Railroad.

In 1908, free blacks who embraced the Republican Party risked the terror and murder wrought by the KKK.

Because Republicans forced Democrats to end lynching and Jim Crow, free blacks are still demonized today in the form of Oreos, epithets, and social alienation. While this may seem like harmless fun to good ol' boy Democrats, the stigma associated with personal achievement still cripples blacks who choose failure, mediocrity, and poverty to retain their black authenticity.

Unlike the black, white, rich, poor, gay, Christian, secular and Jewish Republicans who view and accept themselves as Party equals, Barack Obama affiliates himself with Trinity not because of Jeremiah Wright’s spiritual coherence, but to secure the “black authenticity” he needs to get other Democrats to accept him. But while Obama’s political choices are comparatively harmless, the fact that millions of black students still fail in school, or that black adults vote Democrat, to avoid the appearance of “looking white,” is a derivative of the black inferiority that Democrats have continuously promoted since 1792.

Self-depreciating minstrel shows that entertained Democrats 100 years ago have been replaced by gangsta rappers today and condescended to as the free expression of urban genius.

This political cynicism isn’t confined to black Americans either. Gay men who support and celebrate the freedoms established by the Republican Party are vilified and alienated by Democrats as self-loathing gays. Republicans bristle at lewd celebrations not because they’re homophobic as Democrats accuse, but for the same reason that San Francisco residents would oppose public heterosexual expressions by Richard or Lynne Cheney.

Although most Americans still oppose gay marriage, the Democrat Party promotes it as a civil rights issue; not because they believe rectal intercourse and fisting is healthy for America, but because they need ANYTHING to build upon their counterfeit human rights record to win votes.

The Democrat Party’s institutionalized sympathizers (public education, universities, and the media) have successfully sold their uninterrupted political contempt for blacks as a racial issue 1) by blaming ALL whites for the exclusive and well-documented sins of the Democrat Party and 2) by bestowing a false sense of racial innocence to those who embrace the Democrat Party and their (anti-) civil rights record. This historical perversion is what leads people like Barack Obama to ridicule his grandmother as a typical white person instead of blaming her for being the committed Democrat she always was.

Both essays (1, 2) illustrate that, since their party’s inception, 1) Republicans have been consistently preoccupied with freedom and empowerment for all Americans equally, while Democrats have been preoccupied with black inferiority, subjugation, and exploitation. In light of their history, further niggling about the synthetic or accidental contributions that Democrats made toward civil rights is an unproductive exercise in futility unworthy of anyone’s time.

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