Thursday, March 20, 2008

Selling the Audacity of Audacity

As I re-read Barack Obama’s celebrated defense of Jeremiah Wright’s indefensible pathology, I am reminded of astronauts from three nations who meet to promote their national space programs:

“Next year,” said the American, “we’re going back to the Moon.”

“That’s nothing,” scoffed the Russian, “Next year we’re going to Mars!”

Unimpressed, the Polish astronaut laughed at both. “That’s nothing,” he boasts, “We’re going to the sun!”

When the skeptical astronauts asked how he planned to overcome the sun’s heat and gravity, the astronaut replies, “We’ll go at night!”

To those with a fundamental understanding of astronomy and physics, the story is a joke. But to those who are too young, mentally impaired or gullible, the joke becomes an inspirational story of a superior space program.

Without a basic understanding of history, Americans aren’t likely to grasp the absurdity of an affluent half-white affirmative action beneficiary who exploits a Jonestown-like congregation and their whacky minister to gain black authenticity among frustrated Democrats who’ve been retarded and exploited by decades of indoctrination by Democrat-controlled dropout factories, the mainstream media, and the race-baiters who promote the political party of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation, while turning an anti-slavery icon into a present-day pejorative.

Like our sun-bound hero, the difference between this joke and inspiration relies not with Barack Obama’s ability to “transcend racism in America,” but with the profound gullibility of his audience.