Saturday, April 05, 2008

Queers, Faggots, & Crypto-Nazis

While the far-left bias at the Los Angeles Times is not new, this sentence in Louise Roug’s farewell for William F. Buckley Jr caught my eye:

During one memorable encounter on ABC with Gore Vidal, however, Buckley lost his temper -- responding with a homophobic slur and threatening to sock Vidal in the face when the author called him a “crypto-Nazi”.
Roug suggests that, while Vidal was justified to call Buckley a crypto-Nazi (he meant fascist), Buckley was not justified to call Vidal queer.

Why not? Is it because Buckley loathed socialist mediocrity or because Vidal happens to be queer and homosexual? His contempt for Vidal stemmed not from what the LA Times assumes was Buckley’s irrational fear of gay men, but from his contempt of Gore Vidal’s anti-American/pro-Communist advocacy (or what George Orwell described as pro-fascist).

While our sons and daughters risk their lives in the service of our country, betraying and dispiriting them to help our enemies demands universal contempt – especially within the only country where their sacrifice promotes freedom in the United States and around the world.

Some disagree, but when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot, she attacked his pro-insurgency comments as a US Senator and not his unremarkable sexuality. But to defend Edwards, the media (e.g. Democrats) attacked Coulter’s remark as a slur against all homosexuals, whether genuine patriots or self-indulgent narcissists.

Assuming that “all blacks (gays, women, etc.) are alike” is a slur lost on liberals and Democrats alike. As Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Leonard Matlovich has said: “… many gays are forced into liberal camps only because that’s where they can find the kind of support they need to function in society.” My gay friends agree, telling me that those who challenge liberal doctrine risk becoming as isolated as black students who pursue good grades – which may be why so many Democrats envy political unifiers like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

While Coulter and Buckley would not disparage real patriots like Gad Beck, Leonard Matlovich (USAF), or Commander Steve Hall (USN), calling a whiney trial lawyer like Edwards a faggot, or Gore Vidal queer, affords us precision that William Shakespeare would appreciate.