Monday, July 28, 2008

More Questions for Obama

This couragous woman has summed up my questions about Barak Obama:

“First of all, what country does Obama think he is running for president in? Why didn't the media share the fact that immediately prior to the Obama arrival, they put on several free music concerts in order to get people to show up? Why go overseas and bash this country, apologize for this country? Why go work out at the Ritz instead of see wounded soldiers in a military hospital in Germany? Why cancel your visit and then blame it on the Pentagon when the fact of the matter is that the State Dept told Obama that he could visit but could not take cameras and the media for photo ops? Why go to Iraq and see that we are winning and the surge is working yet refuse to admit it to Catie Couric and say that even though we have succeeded, saving millions of lives both American, Allied, and Iraqi, that you would and do not support the surge? Why go on a fact finding trip and then after it all say that it didn't change ANY of your views? Why, Obama, would you try to claim credit for Bush's strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq? And why in the hell Obama would you be trapsing around the world pretending to be the president and insulting our military, giving the enemy credit for the success saying they "stood down", and pandering to every group you see, when we, Americans, are suffering paying $4.00 + a gallon for gas?”