Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Hits Another Milestone

Two million visitors!

Four years ago, I started this little blog with one purpose in mind – to sleep at night. Whether anyone read it or not was not as important as unburdening my heart.

After introducing myself and writing about my motorcycle ride to Newfoundland and back, I wrote about Katrina, LA’s corrupt and incompetent public school system, the sanitized racist history of the Democrat Party, making war, the blatant corruption of LAPD’s old and new police chiefs, and hospitals that rely on fraud and gross negligence to harm patients for profit. Most recently, I wrote about the corruption of the Nobel Prize.

Unlike many private investigators, I no longer rely on my clients for financial security. As a result, I have the luxury of picking and choosing who I want to help. My criteria – clients cannot lie to me and must be of good moral character. My cases must also affect humanity in a positive way.

While some financially secure gumshoes retire, a few others set about looking for the biggest case of their career. I was casually looking for such a case last year when I visited Washington DC to testify about whistleblowers and retaliation. While there, I was presented with an unbelievable story that fit my criteria. But unlike Captain Ahab, I did not harpoon a whale – I harpooned an asteroid.

I posted my report on other websites and I knew by the comments and anonymous hatred that I had touched a nerve. Although my report implicates Republicans and Democrats in what will soon become a trillion-dollar international fraud, I was disappointed (but not surprised) that major liberal blogs refused to post it. Despite the enthusiastic examination by local and international correspondents, their editors and agencies still refuse to consider my report for fear of enduring the retaliation that I described in my report.

It’s taken a while but last week, my little blog reached the milestone of more than two million visitors from 217 countries, according to the little Neoworx counter I installed in 2007 (top/right margin).

I attribute most of my traffic to the report I call Gallo’s Egg. I’m still routinely attacked and threatened for writing and posting it, but I’ve openly invited critics and academics to refute the evidence I have presented. As Michael Crichton MD said in his 2003 speech at Cal Tech, “(T)he work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right…

Despite attacks from MDs and PhDs from places like Cornell University and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (that receive millions of dollars annually to promote the fraud), not one of those so-called academics has ever provided proof that contradicts my report. Based upon my examination and their response, American science and medicine now resemble something closer to pagan theocracies than academic institutions where the mullahs demand faith and punish non-believers.

So for my readers, I’m honored by your faith and comments. For my new visitors, this entry explains why I believe why two million people from around the world have visited.