Sunday, April 26, 2009

House of Unhinged Researchers

This week I asked how the planet’s leading AIDS researchers and scientists could have possibly prepared, reviewed, and signed this condemnation of the movie House of Numbers before any of them had ever seen it.

Reader Choice Joyce asked this morning:

I believe the people interviewed in the film were given the opportunity to preview it (according to what one of the interviewees told me), so Karitzkes (sic) probably already saw it. (04.26.09 - 11:34 am)
While interviewees like Christian Fiala may have seen the movie before April 19, 2009, Mr. Leung tells me that none of signatories of this press release saw it until Daniel Kuritzkes saw it in Boston – two days AFTER the press release was distributed in Nashville. All were welcome to attend the Nashville and Boston film festivals but declined – except for Kuritzkes, who wasted nearly half of the post-movie Q & A by a slow and careful recitation of the same meaningless press release.

Because of the open hostility of doctors Daniel Kuritzkes and John Moore, who pressured Boston and Nashville film festival officials to cancel the showing, I would gladly close my examination of HIV/AIDS science rather than deal with these hysterically unhinged researchers. But after nearly a year of requests to universities and research facilities throughout the US and some provocative attacks, I’m still waiting for verifiable scientific proof that HIV attacks cells and causes AIDS. The evidence (and the movie) still shows that all HIV/AIDS research and policy is built upon the assumption that Robert Gallo’s scientific misconduct is accurate.

While House of Numbers represents the most compelling research corruption case since Dr. Jeffrey Wigand risked his life to expose the tobacco industry (trailer), the questions raised are not nearly as fascinating as the rabid objections to them. When asked how he would go about isolating the HIV virus, Nobel laureate David Baltimore grew visibly angry in the film.

If you want to know why House of Numbers terrifies these researchers you can also ask them directly: