Saturday, April 11, 2009

MSM Pushing DMV Healthcare for Obama Administration

Director Blue reports that 200-plus mainstream media outlets are creating hysteria for the Obama Administration’s push for national healthcare.

The NIH and CDC did the same thing with AIDS almost thirty years ago: 1) Point at a few gay men who are dying from behavioral problems (drug use, lifestyle), 2) create hysteria (“20% of Americans will die by 1990!”), and demand huge funding (nearly a trillion in tax dollars spent so far).

Gore is doing the same with Global Warming by blaming SUVs and CO2 for warming that has occurred for 100,000 years... the difference is that most people know more about the weather than microbiology.In this case, the NIH wants to help Obama tax us into having a failing system like Canada, North Korea, and Cuba - and they hope that sufficient number of college and high school grads are too stupid to figure it out.

Before you buy into the hysteria, imagine your doctor’s office at the DMV or post office. Is that really what you want?