Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Not ‘Senseless’ At All

LAPD Officer Jack Dunphy doesn't use his real name for two reasons: 1) he's honest when exposing realities of law enforcement and, 2) has legitimate concerns about retaliation from Mayor Villaraigosa's very politically-correct police chief, William Bratton.

In his latest essay, Dunphy follows the fatal trajectory of Oakland cop-killer Lovelle Mixon.

He’s nice, he’s kind, he’s sweet . . .”

So said Enjoli Mixon of her brother Lovelle, the killer of four Oakland police officers. “We’re all shocked by this,” she told reporters.

She shouldn’t be.

Nor should anyone who knew Lovelle Mixon be at all surprised that he met his violent end on March 21. As is often the case in such violent crimes, many have called the murders “senseless.” They were actually anything but senseless.

Indeed, but for the scale of the carnage Mixon inflicted before he died, it was an utterly predictable culmination to an utterly misspent life.

That afternoon, just after one o’clock, Mixon was driving down MacArthur Boulevard in East Oakland when he was stopped by two Oakland Police Department motorcycle officers, Sergeant Mark Dunakin and Officer John Hege. As the officers inspected his driver’s license, Mixon sprang from the car with a semiautomatic pistol and shot both of them. Then, as the officers lay wounded and helpless on the pavement, Mixon walked up, stood over them, and shot them again. Both officers died from their wounds. Neither of them so much as drew his own weapon.

He’s nice, he’s kind, he’s sweet . . .” (more here)