Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reader Objects to Ann Coulter's Heresy

As I’ve written before, I blog because it helps me sleep at night.

Before blogs, my conscience kept me awake like a hot coal in my chest. I wrote but, before blogs, it often burned for weeks anyway. This therapeutic little blog allows me to drop that coal onto the Internet so I can sleep soundly the whole night through.

What others do with my coals is up to them. Some agree and disagree, but my objective is to sleep. If I didn’t say what was on my mind I couldn’t sleep. Blogs give me a place to scream.

Like most blogs, mine can be confusing. I am Christian and libertarian-leaning Republican who enjoys Garrison Keillor and Christopher Hitchens as much as Don McClean and David McCullough. Although I disagree with some of their views, their intellectual honesty is what I appreciate most.

Because of my reports on AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry, I’ve attracted attention in places I did not before. And when those new readers visit my site, some are shocked to see some of the things on my blog.

Most recently, several asked me why I listed Ann Coulter as a friend. Jeffy wrote this morning:

You have great stuff to say, but you might want to unfriend Ann Coulter and Krauthammer. They are inflammatory and poorly informed. Many people will discount what you have to say because of these two.
When I wrote:
Jeffy - Please provide examples... The pharmaceutical industry says the same about me, and Pope Urban said the same of Galileo. I've found that their comments regularly offend those who are poorly informed.
Jeffy replied:
Ann Coulter is no Galileo. If you think they're comparable, may god help you.
Jeffy obviously missed my point. My reference was not a comparison of Coulter to a math genius, but a comparison of Rome’s former enforcement of heliocentric astronomy with the left wing’s contemporary enforcement of political correctness. Like Galileo, Coulter is feared not because she misrepresents fact, but because her views offend the clerics and worshippers of political correctness.

If Jeffy or anyone else can send me citable links that prove Coulter or Krauthammer are guilty of something other than liberal heresy, I’ll be happy to look at it - otherwise recite three Hail Janine Garafalos and vow never to visit my heretical blog again.