Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Robert Gallo Feels the Heat

After a group of international scientists demanded the retraction of Robert Gallo’s unproven reports (1, 2, 3, 4) on HIV and AIDS last December, it appears that the editors of Science are as timid as they were when they accepted Dr. Gallo’s reports without the customary requisite peer review and proof of concept.

As harmless as Science’s charity to Dr. Gallo may seem, his unproven opinions have since become the basis for all of AIDS policy in the US and around the world at a cost that approaches $1 trillion in US taxpayer dollars since 1981. The fact that Dr. Gallo’s Institute of Human Virology still receives millions of research dollars annually despite having been found guilty of scientific misconduct in 1992 is equally troubling. But like Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme, Gallo’s initial fraud gave birth to a trillion dollar fraud scheme that is now simply too big to fail – and in light of this explosive new film that exposes the confusion between the scientific mullahs that oversee AIDS theology, it appears that the rats are beginning to leave Gallo’s sinking ship.

In this week’s press release, Dr. Gallo invites members of the press for a one hour Q & A, about his four original Science reports:

This global call to action coincides with the 25th anniversary of the publishing of Dr. Gallo’s and his National Cancer Institute colleagues’ four key groundbreaking articles in Science magazine, May 4, 1984 Vol 224 (#4648). These four papers proved how the then-new, deadly virus was the cause of AIDS. This significant global contribution lead to the development of the HIV blood test that enabled doctors to diagnose individuals and help control the pandemic, while paving the way for drug and vaccine research initiated at the National Cancer Institute…
Dr. Gallo’s unproven reports (1, 2, 3, 4) were based almost entirely on Gallo’s handwritten scribbling over his lab assistant’s report that showed no connection between what was eventually called HIV. A careful reading of the typewritten report shows no proof, as well as how desperately Gallo worked to save his unworthy reputation.

Nevertheless, Gallo hopes to use his own confused opinions contained in the reports to convince reporters of their relevance.
Some questions that journalists might ask:
  1. Describing the process and participants, how exactly did Dr. Gallo prove that HIV attacks cells and causes AIDS? Which scientists duplicated Dr. Gallo’s procedures - when, where, and how?
  2. Why and how did Gallo’s reports circumvent the routine scientific peer review process?
  3. Why do all HIV tests contain the disclaimer that HIV tests do not detect HIV or AIDS?
  4. Why do the populations of all African countries increase despite the alleged epidemic that AIDS is ravaging Africa?
  5. Why have the editors of Science refused to comment or defend their decision to publish Dr. Gallo’s 1984 articles?
Unfortunately, this press conference will likely become another scientific dog-and-pony-show that will use a complicit media to promote the continuation of Gallo’s fabrications.

As the Bernie Madoff of the pharmaceutical industry, Robert Gallo will not be discovered until the NIH stops behaving like the SEC.