Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Truth About

As I enter the second year of my investigation into HIV/AIDS, it has become clear that the disease is nothing more than a non-pathogenic political disease.

With the mortality numbers that are grossly exaggerated to extort funding from US taxpayers to fund the drug industry and gay movement, the vast majority of its victims only get sick or die when they take an HIV test, ingest AZT, or abruptly stop the highly addictive hypnotic drug Sustiva (Efavirenz).

Born during the perfect storm of Christian Conservatism and the prospect of prison and unemployment for corrupt scientists, HIV was conceived in 1981 when the toxic lifestyles of a few gay men finally caught up with them.

When conservative Christians like Anita Bryant wrongly blamed the entire gay community for the reckless behavior of a few promiscuous nitrite-huffing drug-addicted antibiotic-popping colon-flushing STD-infected homosexuals, activists retaliated. And when Robert Gallo blamed the lifestyle toxicity on the non-existent retrovirus, the political disease was fertilized and carried to term in South Africa, where the anti-Apartheid movement was in full swing.

In 1981, South African forces were developing chemical agents for use against activists and conducted raids at suspected terrorist hide outs. Bishop Desmond Tutu was arrested and the UN blacklisted 65 companies with links to the country. Anti-Apartheid terrorists bombed mines, courts, bus, train and police stations.

When Zackie Achmat turned 19 that year, he was already a five-year veteran of the movement. At 14, he set fire to his school to force students to boycott classes and, at 16, worked as a gay prostitute while sharpening his skills as a youth, labor and “community organizer.” Like the gay organizations that demanded AZT in the US, Achmat pressured the pharmaceutical industry and South African officials to deliver the same drugs and testing in Africa. Faced with the prospect of opening another multi-billion dollar market with billions of dollars in taxpayer funding, the pharmaceutical industry reluctantly complied.

As a “community organizer,” and radicalized communist, Achmat’s top strategy has been to bus hundreds of malnourished, illiterate and impoverished people from the countryside for a drive to the city. Once there, he hands out hundreds of Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) AIDS/HIV tee-shirts, food and cash. During at least one demonstration, he handed out $100 bills to these “activists” – a fantastic sum for most. Today whenever his buses appear, villagers scramble for the free meal and tee-shirt – having no idea that no one has ever found what Achmat calls the HIV virus. The pharmaceutical and left-wing funding eventually made Achmat's pro-Communist Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) one of the most effective protest machines in the world. To his credit, Achmat admitted that he and TAC are scientifically illiterate.

Although TAC denies receiving funding from the pharmaceutical industry, TAC receives funding from the Treatment Action Group, which receives significant funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Achmat associate Eduard Grebe is also a paid “AIDS Advocate” for the so-called AIDS & Society Research Unit at the University of Cape Town: which is funded by leftist groups like the Ford Foundation, SANPAD, HEARD, FAFO, Yale University, the South African National Research Foundation, and UNAIDS. The Atlantic Philanthropies alone granted $2 million to the unit in 2007.

The fact that a “research unit” employs paid advocates is critical. Grebe is not only Achmat’s ex-boyfriend, but he also manages and controls the attack website, – which is where Jeanne Bergman posted her hit piece on me last week.

NOTE: To be clear (no wonder no one lets her do real research), I was falsely charged after the LAPD acquitted me of all charges based upon the facts of the case. I returned to the LAPD in 1994 after the judge and prosecutor were found guilty of misconduct. The original prosecutor was accused of filing more than 100 false complaints. I retired from the LAPD in 2000. Bergman's suggestion that my innocence was not based upon the "facts of the case" is refuted by the fact that competent prosecutors refused to refile the case.
Bergman, whose biggest revelation is easily found in my own biography, doesn’t even have one. Although she calls herself a PhD, I found no evidence of any academic achievement or even a real degree other than her self-promotion on the South African website and other recipients of drug money. Like fellow researcher Nikolas Kontaratos, who identified himself as a 20-year police veteran but is actually a highly trained security guard and filter salesman, Bergman uses her alleged PhD to give credibility to whatever the drug companies tell her to say.

This could also explain why she was too embarrassed to identify herself in Nashville. Until she called Celia Farber a F-----G LIAR!, I don’t recall ever having a problem with unaccomplished aging gender-confused or personality-challenged butch women. All in all, however, I respect Bergman’s role as the pharmaceutical industry’s most rabid junkyard dog. Like Zackie Achmat, she’s just doing what she’s paid to do.

It also explains why the same gay activists attacked when Celia Farber examined the death of Joyce Ann Hafford. But because their attack was emotionally and politically driven and funded by the drug companies, their alleged "56 errors" were easily refuted and dismissed. Despite the withering heterophobic attacks from South Africa's pseudoscientific gay activists, Harper's still stands by the story.

Unfortunately for the Truthers, Bergman detracts from the diaphanous credibility that other academic non-achievers like Jeffrey "Meisha" DeShong, John Moore and James Murtagh once had. The evidence now shows that all of these Truthers are paid by pro-communist gay organizations to attack rather than actually present evidence like real scientists and medical doctors.

While good science is self-evident, bad science can only be defended by attacking those who raise legitimate questions. Although I was once impressed by people who earned advanced degrees, I’m beginning to see why it’s easy for experienced criminal investigators to see right through them.

UPDATE - Now we know why...