Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Saber-Rattling by Dr. Murtagh

As I reported last year, it was not until James J. Murtagh MD and Kevin Kuritzky attacked Celia Farber and Peter Duesberg PhD that I heard about questions related to HIV, AIDS and the ugly side of the pharmaceutical industry. As the investigation continues into its second year, I find the revelations so disturbing that I would not believe them if I had not investigated them myself.

The fact that the pharmaceutical industry pays major universities, disgraced and unaccomplished MDs and PhDs and the media to misrepresent their predatory misconduct is telling. The fact that the NIH, CDC and the FDA watch the pharmaceutical industry as carefully as the SEC monitored Bernie Madoff is frightening.

Underreporting by the media is understandable. After all, what’s the chance of selling $250K in Viagra advertising if the newsroom pushes repeated stories about drugs like Benoxaprofen, Neurontin, SSRIs and AIDS drugs that kill unwary patients who seek treatment? One clue to Congress’ incompetence comes from pharmaceutical giant GSK, whose after-hours voicemail system asks PAC fundraisers to Press #3. As this goes on, African children are smoking AIDS drugs like crack, while Risperdal helps 13-year-old boys grow breasts.

To the pharmaceutical industry, side effects are nothing more than something to hide. If a “blockbuster drug” like Neurontin generates $7 billion, a $430 million fine and settlements worth $2 billion (with carefully-worded non-disclosure agreements) are, like their lobbyists, nothing more than the cost of doing business. The industry offers a place where ex-doctors and ex-politicians can sell their diplomas and influence to push dangerous drugs onto unsuspecting patients. The scene is so chaotic that Americans have no one but lawyers for protection – a revelation that is hard for tort-reform-minded people like me to admit.

I digress. After one year, dozens of libelous emails, this lawsuit and being dumped by his fellow cutthroats, Atlanta doctor James Murtagh MD has devolved from attack dog to something almost pathetic. After listening to my interview by investigative journalist Gary Null PhD, Murtagh now demands a retraction of my comments not unlike the pharmaceutical goons who pressured WBAI to cancel Dr. Null’s show.

Here’s Dr. Murtagh’s email to producer Richard Gale:
-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Murtagh []
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 11:48 AM
To: Richard Gale
Subject: Please issue retraction

Dear Mr. Gale,

Thank you for discussing with me. The program Mr. Null regarding Ms. Farber and Mr. Baker made false accusations against me. I would like to ask for a retraction.I have made no allegation of any kind regarding Ms. Farber. Her suit is meritless. Since neither she nor her lawyer have never contacted me about her suit, I have no way of knowing if it exists.
So far, the suit if it exists, appears to be purely a media event. I am not a native of New York, and would not be subject to that jurisdiction.

Why would this suit be discussed in the media without even telling the defendant if the suit exists? I note with interest that you defined defamation accurately on your program. Since there is absolutely no evidence to support any of Mr. Baker's statements, it appears you have publicized his defamations.My understanding is that a fair journalist elicits both sides of a story before reporting on one side. Please check your facts. Your program has done me harm.

Thank you in advance for your careful consideration and prompt resolution of this matter.


Dr. James Murtagh
Mr. Gale asked for more specifics about Murtagh’s complaint and Dr. Murtagh replied:
From: Jim Murtagh []
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 4:33 PM
To: Richard Gale
Subject: RE: Please issue retraction

Dear Mr. Gale,

The two shows in question feature Clark Baker. All comments made about me were false.

Clark and Gary made extensive false statements about me on at least two programs. I would appreciate a retraction of any and all statements mentioning me. As far as I know, there is no active defamation suit against me by Celia Farber. Her lawyer has never called me or my lawyer. Further, New York has no jurisdiction over me, so it is impossible that a valid case could have been filed.

Finally, I have never met Celia Farber, I have never made any allegations regarding Ms. Farber. My sole comment in a private email was that Kuritzky should be kind to her. Clark Baker altered that email.

My position is the Gary should not be discussing a case on the radio that probably does not exist, of which I have not been notified, and is based on false information. Gary falsely claims I defamed Celia Farber, which I did not do. Gary's statement is de

Gary was right: the US legal system does not allow people to lie to harm reputations Gary went into an extensive explanation of what is defamation. His statements about me fit his own definition.

Apparently, Farber's purported case is just an excuse for a media show. I don't know the woman, and I don't know why she would mention me at all. I will be glad to accept you apology, and your retraction.

Thank you.

After discussing the matter with Dr. Null, Mr. Gale replied:
From: Richard Gale
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 9:22 PM
To: 'Jim Murtagh'
Subject: Response: Please issue retraction

Dear Jim,

We have reviewed your grievances and find no merit to retract any content from the interviews aired with Clarke Baker on the June 30 and July 6 radio broadcasts.

It is clear to us in light of the New York Post article announcing the suit filed by Celia Farber against yourself and your cohorts that this is now a legal matter that you are surely aware of. In fact, in your email to me – which I am keeping on file – you tripped yourself in saying the suit is “meritless”. Ergo, there is no reason for us to believe your claim that the suit is unbeknownst to you.

Given Clarke Baker’s credentials and ethical convictions as a professional investigator with high moral standards towards uncovering the truths that challenge us all, there is no reason for us to question his integrity. In our estimation, Clarke’s work is an act of love and concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens rather than for monetary rewards coming from the pharmaceutical hegemony and the organizations they support and fund.

We have received the highly inflammatory and insulting emails you have sent concerning Celia Farber. They are beneath contempt. Gary will make no attack or negative comment about you. However, if you truly believe that any of the 2,700 plus scientists, researchers, physicians and journalists who are now challenging the HIV=AIDS=Death hypothesis are wrong, then you are welcome to be on our program to debate them.

We believe it is in your best interest to call Ms. Farber’s lawyers and muster up the courage to settle the matter directly with them rather than believing you can deny the lawsuit’s reality. In fact, your actions prove to us the fallibility of your stance on the AIDS issue, and those like yourself who try to ignore the serious scientific questions and necessary dialogue concerning the AIDS=HIV paradigm.

I would appreciate you never contacting us with similar requests in the future. In our estimation, the case is closed, now a legal matter, per any grievance you may hold against Dr. Null’s radio broadcasts.


Richard Gale
Executive Producer
Dr. Murtagh repeated his earlier complaint as if Mr. Gale never received the first:
-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Murtagh [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 11:32 PM
To: Richard Gale
Subject: Re: Response: Please issue retraction


Any purported lawsuit by Ms. Farber would be meritless because I have never met her and never made any allegations against her. I have not sent the emails you purport, as you would know if you had investigated any aspect of your story. The New York Post is also on notice for its defamation. You have reported based on the New York Posts' hearsay. Your report is double hearsay.

Further I engaged in none of the conduct alleged on your program. I emphatically did not misuse a government server. I have never been funded by any pharmaceutical group, and you know this.

Kindly rethink your position. As a fair-minded journalist, I am sure you will want to retract your story that has no foundation. You would have found all of these things out if you had simply called me to ask if there was any basis. A simple phone call would have saved us all this trouble. Other fair minded journalists would find it standard practice to call both sides of a story, not to rely on one biased source.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and correction of this matter.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Murtagh [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 4:14 PM
To: Richard Gale
Subject: RE:
Response: Please issue retraction

Thank you, I will pass this on to my lawyer.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to let you know that other media outlets are issuing retractions. I'm not sure that you and Mr. Hull want to be lone holdouts against the truth.
Shortly after that, Mr. Gale replied that he would welcome the name and contact information of Murtagh’s lawyer. Murtagh replied in character:
-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Murtagh []
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:09 PM
To: Richard Gale
Subject: RE: Response: Please issue retraction

Thank you,

I await the name and contact number of your attorney. By the way, we don't need to stand behind attorneys. The truth is clear, and we need not expend money on attorneys. There is no valid suit by Farber. Just ask her attorneys. They know they have no jurisdiction, they have passed the statute of limitations, I did no wrong, I never met Farber.

This is purely a media event, and abuse of court process. Why should either of us expend money on attorneys? The answer is as plain as your nose on your face. My attorneys have better things to do, as you will soon see. I believe parties should resolve things without courts, whenever possible.

But I am very able to defend myself, my family, and my reputation in any forum. Good luck learning basic journalistic principles. I am going to use my own national organizations to investigate your sleezy, illegal false journalism.

Best regards,
Anyone who knows where Dr. Murtagh or co-respondent Kevin David Kuritzky are asked to contact me. Anyone who provides information that leads to Murtagh and Kuritzky being served may be eligible for a reward.