Saturday, July 04, 2009

Kaiser/Lockheed Sell HIV Tests, Jewelry & Propaganda

Shocking, isn’t it? This lipstick graphic was produced by the Foundation for AIDS Research (also known as amfAR), the 1985 spin-off of the AIDS Medical Foundation (1983). Their donors include a who’s who of Hollywood, business, media, investment, fashion, gay advocacy groups, hedge funds, HIV clinics, law firms and pharmaceutical companies.

If the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) listed HIV or AIDS as a leading cause of mortality, one might believe that HIV represents a real threat. But after 28 years and a trillion dollars of HIV research and funding, it now appears that all of the wasted time, energy and resources to fight this apparently non-existent retrovirus were built upon nothing more than Robert Gallo’s own handwritten fraud. After decades of retaliation and threats from gay activists and pharmaceutically-funded pseudo-researchers, one wonders what it will take for the news media to break this story.

When Barbara Culliton and three of Gallo’s top researchers praised the investigative probe by Gallo’s security guard and filter salesman, they helped us understand how Gallo got his unsubstantiated assumptions (1, 2, 3, 4) published in the journal Science without peer review. It also explains why researchers have been signing each others’ papers ever since.

Because HIV now appears to be an international scandal of unprecedented proportions, we can finally appreciate the strategic threat that its exposure represents and why at least one defense contractor is now involved.

In 2008, amfAR reported $45 million in gross receipts, but if they shared the evidence I’ve produced, they would not attract enough funding to pay the electric bill. Without HIV, they'd have to get real jobs.

This is how HIV became nothing more than a scam promoted by AIDS-funded beneficiaries who nominate each other for awards the same way that DeBeers was honored for giving toxic AIDS drugs to miners who are dying from work-related silicosis, asbestosis, pneumoconiosis and tuberculosis. Compared to dust-related alarms after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, DeBeers doesn’t report what happens to miners who, after years of harvesting their continent’s rich mineral resources for Africa’s 1600 international mining companies, are sent home with a suffocating disease, dying and penniless. By blaming their diseased miners for having unprotected sex, DeBeers can export them before they have a chance to sue for their fatal injuries.

The mining company WR Grace was not so lucky. Although they got involved in AIDS research in 1994 (including $2 million in US Army grants), they weren’t yet cynical enough to blame the suffering of their Montana miners on irresponsible sex. For their mistake, WR Grace endured bankruptcy, criminal charges and a $3 billion settlement. On the bright side, they now maintain offices in South Africa.

Clearly, DeBeers and the other mining companies – as well as the pharmaceutical industry – could not perpetuate this scam without the propaganda parroted by activists groups like AIDSTruth, TAC, TAG, amfAR and others, which are rewarded cash and political power not unlike the way German propaganda empowered Joseph Goebbels. But instead of promoting politically-correct analyses of the rich, German women, dissidents, Jews and others, the “AIDS Industry” pushes HIV as a human rights issue, using the media, Hollywood and AIDS-funded websites to attack skeptics as homophobic bigots and racists.

In its most cynical twist, the AIDS propagandists call skeptical scientists AIDS denialists, equating those who question the notorious behavior of the pharmaceutical and mining industry with those who ignore the historical evidence of the Holocaust. The difference is important: While overwhelming evidence exists that the Holocaust occurred, there is no evidence that HIV exists or is responsible for the AZT mortality anymore than HIV is responsible for the deaths of millions of African miners. In the case of HIV, the Nazis are crying foul!

According to PRNewswire, this amfAR propaganda was produced and distributed to 170 college newspapers, urging impressionable girls and boys as young as 13 to test drive their bodies with an HIV test. These ads advise readers to call Kaiser, which also sponsored this conference where drug industry panelists told journalists how to destroy the careers of those who question HIV doctrine.

These ads (1) urge Latinos to contact Kaiser-operated, which automatically forwards to the defense contractor Lockheed-Martin website where attractive Latinas can find HIV testing locations. According to their ads, Kaiser and Lockheed cure hopelessness (pill) and, in light of this map of our allegedly HIV-infected planet, one can only speculate why HIV is NOT a leading cause of death in the US or Africa – or why infectious disease is almost non-existent in the US today when compared to 1900.

Ask yourself if you know anyone who is dying of AIDS who hasn’t been tested and is not taking drugs as toxic as AZT or as addictive as Sustiva. Before you take an HIV test, ask about nightmare Karri Stokely endured after taking a test.

Think about the criminal charges you could face if you fail to tell all of your new boyfriends and girlfriends that you're HIV+.

If you’re still not sure and don’t trust HIV profiteers or a US defense contractor, Kaiser and Lockheed tell you to ask someone else (as long as they believe the HIV theology, of course).

But if you are looking for the ultimate in HIV sophistication and style, Lockheed and Kaiser will also sell really hot HIV jewelry - the perfect cure for your terrible sense of hopelessness.