Monday, August 03, 2009

Earl Ofari Hutchinson Plays the "Race Card"

When Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she never imagined that her words would compel 2.5 million white male Republican men to risk their lives to force Democrats to free their slaves (1861-1865). By the time the Civil War ended, 360,222 white male Republicans had died to end the slavery that 258,000 Democrats died to protect.

Partially because the epithet “Uncle Tom” was such an ugly moniker, the progeny of black slaves refused to support their former masters (except when threatened or visited by the Klan): And the sons and daughters of ex-slaves did not run on the Democrat ticket until Chicago Democrats helped Arthur Wergs Mitchell gain his Congressional seat in 1935. The Democrat-controlled Chicago machine supported him until 1937 when he reversed his politically-expedient anti-NAACP platform. (This was before the "radical Republican" organization was bought by the Democrat Party.)

While the NAACP is now comprised of sell-outs who are no longer afraid to use the epithet against free black Republicans (who don't need a DNC chumps to beg for handouts or speak for them), the epithet is so ugly that Republicans are ironically loathe to use it against race-baiting sell-outs like Bunifah Latifah Jackson, Henry Gates and Earl Ofari Hutchison.

Now that Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate has been allegedly discovered, the man who the fictitious Mr. Haley and Mr. Shelby would have admired as a good, steady, sensible, pious fellow is at it again.
The clamor for Obama to produce his original birth document gained a noisy following long before the final presidential vote tally was in last November. It started the instant that he declared his presidential candidacy in February 2007. Take your pick: He was too black. He was not patriotic enough. He was too liberal, too effete, too untested. He was a Muslim, terrorist fellow traveler, and a closet black radical.

The shock of an Obama in the White House was simply too much for many to bear. Obama defied the stereotypical textbook look and definition of what an American president was supposed to look like, and be like; namely a wooden image middle-aged, or older, white male.
After spending the balance of my professional life voluntarily protecting and serving the black community as a police officer I, like Cambridge Police Sergeant Jim Crowley, am tired of sell-outs like Ofari who, like Bunifah, use every opportunity to defend the Democrat Party’s bad behavior by blaming their accusers of racism.

I replied with this email to Mr. Hutchinson:
From: Clark Baker
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 11:21 AM

To: ''
Subject: RE: The GOP's birther Con Game

Mr. Hutchinson:

I know you’re a racially and ideologically biased individual who Mr. Haley and Mr. Shelby would describe as a
good, steady, sensible, pious fellow, but this 30-year investigator wants to know your answer for this Kenyan birth certificate.

Did the “right wing” fake that document? If so, how did they do it? Why doesn’t Obama produce a birth certificate the way I produced mine when I served as a marine, LAPD officer and
for you now?

Where was your outrage when
Dan Rather and Mary Mapes faked this report?

If you’re ideologically biased, you have no credibility. As a defender of the Democrat Party, Harriet Beecher Stowe already described what and who you are for me.

Having worked many years in South LA as
an LAPD officer, I’ve often recognized you as a sell-out for your community. While I served your community (and my great-grandfather and uncles risked their lives to free slaves), you continue to apologize and defend the progeny of your masters. How do you sleep with yourself, Earl?

Like Obama, I can only pray that you have enough respect for yourself and your groupies that you will never toss an Oreo cookie or call any black man an Uncle Tom.
I’ll let you know if Bunifah or Mr. Hutchison respond.