Monday, October 19, 2009

Do Democrats Plan to Control the Internet?

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) has introduced legislation that would transfer even more power from the people and the Congress to the Executive Branch of Government. The legislation is supposedly designed to promote cybersecurity, but it has little to do with protecting government sites such as those in the Pentagon from cyber attacks by our enemies. Instead, it targets the private use of the Internet by millions of Americans every day.

There are two key provisions of the bill and both of them contain direct assaults on freedom of speech and the press. First, the law would allow President Obama to seize control of privately operated Internet networks during a "Cyber Emergency." What is a "Cyber Emergency?" There is no definition of it in the legislation so it is essentially anything the President decides. He can shut down massive portions of the Internet at any time for any reason.

The bill also allows the Executive Branch to control the Internet by requiring that certain operators of networks that are deemed "critical" by the government must be operated by “professionals” licensed by the government. The definitions of the terms “critical” and “professionals” are again left entirely to the Obama Administration.

Michael Connelly is a retired constitutional lawyer and former military intelligence officer who saw same form of Internet control exercised in Iran when protests broke out after a clearly fraudulent election. Do Democrats plan to do the same thing against the United States? What would happen to our efforts to petition the government for “a redress of our grievances” if we were denied the means to communicate with each other?

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