Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NIH Excluded Sickened Pregnant Women from Vaccine Studies

Before you subject yourself or your children to flu vaccines (or any others), listen to Gary Null PhD’s testimony this month before the New York State Assembly.

Of the thousands of peer reviewed studies reviewed, there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine have long term, double blind placebo controlled study trials. Fifty percent of those sitting on the FDA/CDC Vaccine Advisory Program were from vaccine manufacturers.

According to Dr. Null, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced two efficacy and safety trials under way, one for pregnant women and another for healthy adults with asthma. Those studies included no control group. Pregnant women who suffered from temperature spikes of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher within 72 hours of receiving a shot were excluded from the study that was meant to study the negative effects of the vaccine in pregnant women!

The whole idea is that if a pregnant woman has a vaccine and she has a temperature you immediately say that is a causative action that must be considered and examined. You’re going to exclude her? This is a fixed study... absolutely scientific fraud.
Dr. Null found 132,000 lawsuits that drug company executives have paid for price fixing, falsifying scientific data and skewing studies, knowing ahead of time that their drugs were dangerous and that injuries and death are nothing more than the cost of doing business. Vioxx alone caused 43,000 deaths and injured 125,000 and yet they settled their lawsuit for $4.85 billion dollars and their stock went up.
Where else than in America can you kill 43,000 people and get a raise? These are the same people who advise Americans of the drugs and vaccines they should be taking.