Thursday, November 05, 2009

Flu Shot Victim Cured of "Incurable Disease"

Remember Desiree Jennings? She's the Washington Redskin cheerleader who got sick shortly after receiving a flu shot last August. The experts and scientists at the CDC denied that the flu shot had anything to do with her illness, claiming that she was actually suffering from an incurable neurological disease called dystonia:

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Rashid Buttar describes her medical condition, treatment and full recovery, including concerns that highly paid pharmaceutical marketing groups will attack Dr. Buttar and Ms. Jennings to support the CDC's unwarranted hysteria regarding H1N1.

Will what Desiree Jennings has exposed be noticed by other news outlets? Because the CDC, FDA and NIH are infested by pharmaceutical executives and so-called epidemiological scientists like Walter Senterfitt PhD, I doubt it. After all, why would we believe Dr. Buttar and Jennings over a self-described gay anti-capitalist social revolutionary like Dr. Senterfitt?

Dr. Buttar describes her treatment and recovery here. More in the H1N1 flu scam here. Kudos to Robert Scott Bell for breaking this explosive story!