Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Two Hours of Real Journalism

I thought I had seen it all as an LA street cop. Despite the murder, drugs, gangs and politicians, nothing prepared me for what I’ve witnessed since I began my investigation into the pharmaceutical industry twenty months ago.

From the moment I began, I discovered that a comparatively tiny group of scientists, doctors and advocates rent their diplomas and influence to pharmaceutical companies that poison, injure and kill people around the world for profit. These belligerents are facilitated by thousands of physicians, researchers and scientists who refuse to risk their careers by exposing the companies that pay their mortgages, private schools and ballet lessons.

Although Benjamin Franklin and millions of Americans have risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to protect and defend our First Amendment, journalists have quietly permitted the pharmaceutical industry to buy their integrity. Some have sold themselves less quietly.

This week, The Street co-founder Jim "Mad Money" Cramer spiked Terry Michael’s story on the AIDS and Big Pharma – two hours after Michael posting Luc Montagnier’s disclosure that HIV can be cured without drugs, but that the drug companies can’t profit from clean water or good nutrition. Despite the remarkable news, the lamestream media refuses to jeopardize their lucrative Viagra and Prozac ads by declaring that AIDS is dead.

Assisting Cramer in their pro-Gilead censorship was Adam Feuerstein, whose alma mater also pushed drugs for pharmaceutical kickbacks. After Cramer went to bat for Gilead, Feuerstein chimed:

I think all those who deny the existence of the HIV should volunteer to be injected with the virus to determine whether vitamins and a strong immune system are enough to prevent infection and/or AIDS. Good luck.
A real class act.

After posting this story about the spike, I asked Feuerstein why the NIH, CDC and drug companies all refused Peter Duesberg’s offer to do just that. Feuerstein’s answer:
From: Adam Feuerstein [Adam.Feuerstein@thestreet.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 11:00 AM
To: Clark Baker
Subject: RE: Article Comments

please add the following to your resume:
bat-shit crazy raving lunatic.

Adam Feuerstein
Senior Columnist
Not nice – but I was intrigued. How exactly does a self-described news agency allow their reporters to insult the investors they ostensibly work for?

When I advised Feuerstein to add coward and self-loathing Jew to his resume, he accused me of being an anti-Semite. When I tried to give him some tough love he said I was boring. Oh well – I tried.

From my perspective, this story is no longer about HIV and AIDS. Besides Montagnier's admissions, we now know that infectious disease (including HIV) has been statistically irrelevant since the 1960s in the US and that HIV has been medical non-issue in South Africa, Australia and Italy despite the political estimates generated by recipients of drug funding like WHO, NIH and the CDC. We have also learned that many within the medical and scientific communities rent their degrees to push drugs.

As the intellectual straight man of The Street, Terry Michael may not last long among Jim Cramer’s sultry drag queens; but for two hours yesterday, Terry Michael’s story gave legitimacy to a news organization that has long been suspected of being a shill for Wall Street even before Gilead’s whores killed the story.

In just two hours, Cramer and Feuerstein reminded the world why hackers, girls dressed as hookers and fake newsmen are more respectable than Cramer's streetwalking PharmaSluts.

Jon Stewart’s dismantling of Jim “Mad Money” Cramer is also worth a revisit

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