Monday, December 21, 2009

Woman Sues over False HIV Diagnosis

The New York Post reports another botched HIV diagnosis:

A city hospital nearly destroyed a New Jersey woman's life and wrecked her marriage after misdiagnosing her with terminal HIV, hepatitis and herpes, according to a bombshell lawsuit.

Maria Osorio, 54, of Passaic, said she saw an ad on TV offering a $15 mammogram at Harlem Hospital over Valentine's Day last February and decided to take advantage of the screening.

When a nurse offered her a free instant cheek swab and blood test, too, she accepted. That's when she was told she had HIV.

"It was horrible. I wanted to throw myself on the subway tracks," she said.

The shocked Osorio immediately turned on her husband of 37 years, Gabriel Lezcano, 60, who works as a janitor in New Jersey.

"I started screaming violently at him. I pushed him. I pulled his hair. 'Who were you with?' I asked him. He kept denying that he was with anyone, but I kept raising my voice and pushing him. 'You must have been with someone. You must have had too many beers and maybe now you just don't remember,' " she recalled.

Lezcano fought back. "I've been a good man to you. I haven't been with anyone else. I am a very scrupulous man. I just do my work and I come home," he told his furious wife.

Lezcano told The Post that the accusations of his wife, a fellow Colombian immigrant, nearly killed him.

"She's my only woman," he said. "I felt that someone was trying to trick us."
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