Thursday, February 04, 2010

Napolitano Girlfriend’s Dysfunctional NY Prisons

Debbie Schlussel reports on Janet Napolitano’s Islam enabling girlfriend Dora Schriro:

Ever since Janet Napolitano became Homeland Security Secretary, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents warned me about her girlfriend, Dora Schriro, whom she brought with her from Arizona (where Schriro headed the Arizona Department of Corrections). Schriro, a bizarre woman with a Ph.D., treated prisoners as “clients,” her name for them, gave them birthday parties and cakes, etc. And Napolitano made Schriro her special advisor on immigration enforcement, particularly detention and removal of illegal aliens. That’s why many of them are now living in hotel facilities and given perks many destitute legal American citizens would die for. Her New Age psychobabble endangered American national security and made immigration enforcement and detention a nearly impossible task.

When people ask me why I call Napolitano, “
The Lesbionic Woman,” that’s one of several reasons why. J-No hires many women with whom she’s had and appears to want to have a relationship–most of whom have zero relevant experience–and they are flushing our border security down the toilet. But while Schriro’s policies at ICE will jeopardize our nation for years–maybe, decades–to come. I will be writing more about Schriro (and what she did to ICE) in the near future. Dr. Schriro (as she insists on being called), quickly left Homeland Security for a job running the New York Department of Correction (her official title is “Commissioner”), thanks to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And that’s where our story begins.

Under Dora Schriro,
an extremist Muslim prison cleric (redundant phrase) snuck in box cutter blades. Oh, and he’s a convicted murderer with a record of sexual assault, who converted to Islam in prison. And–ho apropos!–his chosen new Islamic surname is Abdu-Shahid, which is Arabic for “Slave of the Martyr.” And the violent cycle of radical Islamic conversions in the prisons comes full circle and continues.(Story here)