Monday, July 25, 2011

Gumshoe Update

As readers may have noticed, I have not updated this website for a while and don't plan to anytime soon.
As I explained in my bio, I created this blog to discuss some of my cases and to post observations I've made as a private investigator and retired LAPD officer.
Everything changed after I posted this report and Gallo's Egg in 2008.  Like most Americans, I wasn't aware of the widespread corruption that permeates the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.  I didn't know that the pharmaceutical industry has paid more than $9 billion since 2004 to settle thousands of criminal and civil cases related to the illegal marketing of drugs that kill or injure more than a million Americans EVERY YEAR.
I discovered that - like the LAPD - local, state and federal prosecutors are not interested in evidence that implicates industries that make huge political contributions to legislators who appoint industry regulators.  In this way, corrupt industries (i.e. finance, housing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals) own and control their own regulators, rendering the executive and legislative branches of government (and a large chunk of the judiciary) and the media entirely useless.
For this reason, I founded OMSJ to investigate individual cases of corruption.  So if you're looking for the latest info about what I'm up to, visit