Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dispatch from Egypt

An Egyptian friend named Nesreen - a beautiful woman and charm, business sense and a yearning for freedom - sent this message to us last Thursday from Cairo.  We've heard nothing since.

Poem on Freedom of Expression

I am the one you call "Freedom of expression"
Dying fast in an acquaintance, by hands of obsession

Love brought care
Care brought possession
While keeping the smiles between the cheeks
'Control' took over the possession

No choice, no word to say
Existence is always being kept at bay
Every few days, things come to hault
Battle starts again on who is at fault

Worst to add,
He didn't shower His blessings
Thousands around got one or two
Here, it always went missing

Nothing at help, I am still surviving
Raise your voice suggested a few
I continue keeping mum, 
As I know days won't get same as they were blue

I should be still happy
With what I have and Who I am
I loose and You always win
Has become an everyday game.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Norman Run Over by Car - SURVIVES!

Last week, our dauchshund/chihuahua mix went for a walk and got hit by a car.  (You'll see him on the center-left side of the video.)  He miraculously survived with only a few aches and scratches and made a full recovery!  Who says miracles don't happen?

Norman catches some zees with Nick...

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